“I Can’t Think of a Better Realtor…”

My wife and I moved to Tallahassee from out of state and Mike literally helped us throughout the entire process. He didn’t just help us find the perfect home. Before that he assisted in our apartment search, introduced us to the different areas in this wonderful town, and was monumentally patient as we explored our options. What we were looking for was not easy to find, but he found it! Now after a few weeks in our dream home he is still helping us with service recommendations–a carpet cleaner here, locksmith there, bug service etc. We are very value conscious and every service recommendation he has provided has been spot on! I hope I don’t sound like a shill in saying that I can’t think of a better Realtor.

Mike is: Patient, attentive, knowledgeable, friendly… he can even be a firm negotiator when noticed repairs become contentious (we were buying an older home which had some issues that needed correcting by the seller after inspection) He never blinked when we told him our search area was all of two counties wide, nor did he later hesitate to go himself into our crawlspace to ensure the seller had done an important repair.

Take it from this infantry veteran: this is a man you want in your foxhole! Thanks again, Mike! Feel free to give ’em my number if any prospective clients want a more personal testimonial.